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    Editor deleted half of my post

    Peter Johnson Master

      I just now submitted a reply to a question and the editor ignored half of my reply, posting only the first half.. Here is the post:



      Here is what I did. I hit the quote button, trimmed the quoted text down to the text I wished to call out. I added a comment on that quoted text. Then I hit the quote button again, repeating the process. My first hint that something was wrong was that when I clicked the Spell Check icon, nothing in the second quote of beyond was spell-checked. When I clicked submit, only the part of the post up to the the second quoted item was posted.


      By the way, I absolutely detest this editor. I would much prefer an editor like the one used by Java Ranch - their editor doesn't get in your way, is easy to use, anbd* with Firefox I get spell chekcing without having to click some button (which I foget to click half of the time). And I still have not figured out a decent way of posting source code. And the inability of being able to quote multiple sections of a user's post and reply to each one is a major defect. And why can I quote only the post to which I am replying and not to other posts in the thread - I could do that before (and can do that on Java Ranch).


      * the stupid spell checked didn't catch this mispelling...


      Oh, an I find it rather amusing the *your* spell checker insists that JBoss is misspelled!