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    JAX-WS and Digest Authentication


      Hi, I am wondering how I can implement a web service call to a service that implements Digest Security. I'm using JBoss 6.0.0 M1


      I have tried the following things and have the following questions:

      • The basic implementation doesn't work. I believe it is because it doesn't implement Digest authentication. Can anybody confirm if this is the case?
      • I tried implementing a handler, with the hope that I could get the challenge header and manually generate the response. However I can't get access to the response headlers in a handler because the error is at a transport level (the close() method doesn't have access, and the handleMessage() is not called in the return journey). Is there a way I can access to these headers?
      • I tried using the Metro and CXF stacks instead of the native ones. However I kept running into missing classes from the classpath (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.xml.ws.addressing.AddressingProperties). I tried "pinching" classes from the native stack, but ran into a dead end and didn't really want to hack any further.


      So I guess the essence of what I want to know is: can I implement a JAX-WS client calling a service which has digest authentication, and how do I do it? What options do I have (if any)?