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    FTP listener - file scanning

    Edward Pilipczuk Newbie

      I have problem with fetching files from remote mainframe platform.

      the FTP provider is defined as follows:


      <ftp-provider hostname="host" name="FtpGetFile">
         <ftp-bus busid="FileAFetchGW">
          <ftp-message-filter directory="/INPUT" error-delete="false"
           error-directory="/ERROR" error-suffix="_E" input-suffix="_A"
           passive="true" password="PASS" post-delete="false"
           post-directory="/OUTPUT" post-suffix="_Y" protocol="ftp"
           username="USR" work-suffix="_X"/>


      The FTP server on remote machine (ClearPath MCP) dos not recognize the syntax of command to obtain the file list on the given directory (/INPUT) when providing pattern for filenames with suffix (_A). Here is a fragment from network sniffer:


      19    0.117615    FTP    Request: NLST *_A

      20    0.133835    FTP    Response: 501-Error in NLST command parameters;  Scanning *_A.


      And in result the ESB service does not receive the list of files that shall be fetched (in fact they are ready).


      How to obey this?


      Thanks and regards,