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    TemporaryQueue access from another connection possible?

    Vladimir Prodan Newbie



      I need to setup the communication between 2 clients - the problem is that I don't know when/if one is down and I cannot remove the ressources allocated by this client - this is why I would prefere to use TemporaryQueue instead of Queue as the TemporaryQueue is cleared on connection lost. I tried to create a TemporaryQueue from one connection and write to this Queue from another connection but seems that from the second connection the temporary queue is not accessible (I received: There is no queue with name mytempqueue).


      As I need a specific name for my temporary queue I used for creation the code from HornetQSession.createTemporaryQueue with a small modification (name assignment).


      the code is attached.


      Is this approach possible? Or there are the temporary queues accessible only in the connection who created them? In documentation I read only that consumers are possible in the same connection.Thank you!