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    how Jboss jbpm compatible with jbi?

    Felix Anthony Newbie


               I'm new to jboss BPEL .

               i'm using netbeans IDE for BPEL application development. Netbeans BPEL plugin compatible with JBI framework. So we can easily create BPEL  application using graphical oriented programming. Finally we can create BPEL build application using JBI module. So my question is jboss server have services for bpel and jbi?


           Please help me know how to do ? and where can i get the resources for jboss supported BPEL and JBI? and how to include those services(BPEL ans JBI) as in jboss server directory? and which Jboss server have support for BPEL and JBI?




      Please help me as soon as possible.



      Antony F