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    How to integrate richfaces stylesheet with JAWR

    Alan Chan Newbie

      Hi All,


      In order to reduce HTTP roundtrip per request and manage client cache expiry date, we'd like to use JAWR to merge our own application javascript and css files with richfaces js and css into one. For javascript files, by digging out the framework.pack.js and ui.pack.js and merge them with our own js by JAWR, and set the LOAD_SCRIPT_STRATEGY to NONE. However, for css, the generated RF css have the context root path generated in the css file, e.g. in the generated richfaces_basic_both.css,




      which makes the css not portable, and not even mention to use css-sprite technology to create combined image file.


      Could anyone suggest ways so that we can combine our own css files with RF css file like the javascript files?
      I've read the wiki about Maven resource dependency plugin: https://community.jboss.org/wiki/MavenResourceDependencyPluginReference
      Seems it works in other way round, to build the RF css with our own resource files, which means whenever our own code changes, requires to build RF again? seems it is not efficient and not neccessary.


      Environment I use:


      JSF: Myfaces 1.2.8

      Richfaces: 3.3.2.SR1