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    [rich:inplaceInput and rich:inplaceSelect] How to detect if any fields ever changed in form/page level?

    Richard Li Newbie

      Hi all,


      Need help about how to implement a requirement.


      Client requested a warning message/screen if current user try to navigate to a new screen after some changes.

      In existing screen, there are more than 60 inplaceSelects and inplaceInputs.

      When user made some changes, the screen displayed a lot of pretty red triangles.

      User could see them but how can the application detects the changes?


      One solution is to add onchange event for above input items one by one and set a javascript flag in clientside.

      It works but looks like very duplicate and not smart.

      In richfaces tag, is there a page, form or table level flag to indicate the change happened?


      Appreciate any comments.