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    Page scope & Session variable Conflicts

    jsf geeks Master

      Hi all,


              I am developing my application in Richfaces using Netbeans 6.7.1. In one of my pages, I set page scope as session. But the problem with this is, if in that page(back bean) I set Attribute in session, and again after some event I try to get that Attribute back from the session, but it shows that there is no value in the session (it gives nullPointerException).


             Can anyone tell what's wrong with it. I need page scope to be set as session.


      Thanks in advance,


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          liumin hu Master

          what is exactly the scope of your backingbean? i dont use netbean. but you can find it in facesconfig.xml under web-inf directory.

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            jsf geeks Master

            Hi liumin hu,


                 I appreciate your support, but I mentioned my backing bean scope (Page scope) in my questions. It's ok. I again tell you that my backing bean scope is session. So I have a backbean with session scope(in faces-config.xml) and I am using HttpSession to put values in session for later use, like,


            session.setAttribute("session_variable", "value_to_put_in_session");


                And using it later or at some event like,


            Object obj = session.getAttribute("session_variable");


            But, sometimes it happens that I may not get the value from session ( session returns null ), even if I set the value in session.


            I think my question is clear to you, now. If any query, then feel free to ask me again.


            Thanks again for your support & time,

            JSF GEEKS