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    jBPM 4.3 dynamic process definition creation and modification

    Krzysztof Zawieja Newbie



      We are currently evaluating jBPM 4 as the alternative process engine for our application, and I came across a few features mentioned in docs we may find useful, that is:


      -creation of process definition at runtime using API (there is an example shown in dev docs, but it uses ProcessFactory class which is not present in source code, at least not in the 4.3 release)


      -modification of process definition, or a single running process instance (adding or removing tasks, activities, changing transitions) - it was described as a planned feature in a few papers. There are some hints in the source code that some work is/was done in the subject, but probably not finished.


      I didn't manage to use any of those features, and as I don't see it in the roadmap, I'd like to ask whether any work is planned in that subject in near future. Or maybe some of them are already available and I just didn't manage to use them properly?