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    inXsd & outXsd

    stefanos kolovos Newbie



      I have a question about inXsd & outXsd properties in the actions field of a service in the  jboss-esb.xml. I'm sending a wsdl to an esb service and i don't want to use inXsd & outXsd but i want to do the validation using xsds into my actions (so as to create my own response and not to have a faultMassage in case of validation error)..

      But when i replace  inXsd="/ESB_IFX170_Rq.xsd" outXsd="/ESB_IFX170_Rs.xsd" with mep="RequestResponse" i get the following error in the client:


      The requested resource (/profitsconntest/MyESB/MyConntestPubService) is not available. Is it obligatory always to use inXsd & outXsd even if you don't want to validate your xml(validate="false")?

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          Hans Wolffenbuttel Expert



          Your current implementation is to have the ESB-service run as a webservice, wich does have a property validate=false. But it's not nessasary to have your service run as a webservice, and in that way you can handle your own message handling. The problem you might face then is you have to rid the message of its soap envelope.


          Have you tried putting validate="false" on your action yet in jboss-esb.xml?