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    Problem integrating jbpm4 with webapplication(EJB + JTA + Jboss)

    Fábio Ramos Newbie

      I have a problem in integrating jbpm 4.0 with a web application, I use the jbpm4.0 like one library, and i start
      the processes getting  processEngine using one singleton. The Jbpm data model is on the same schema of the web apllication. The web apllication that uses the jbpm is developed using EJB's and JTA transaction, on jboss AS 4.2.3.

      the real problem is:

      i have one process like start1 -> task1 -> Custom1 -> end1, all activities are sync.
      i start the process ok, then i complete the task but an exception occurs on Custom1 the execution is stopped on Custom1 activity. when i used jbpm4 in stand alone mod the behavior was not this, the execution came back to task1. I thing the rollback is not executed like before.

      Any idea for this problem, how can i have the correct behavior integrating jbpm on my application?

      Fabio Ramos