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    Netbeans RF support - Duplicate Ids

    Stefan Kortmann Newbie


      I am not sure how to use the updated versions of RichFaces library as framework in Netbeans IDE.

      I have found RichFaces support for Netbeans in this project here

      where I downloaded and installed plugins for NB to use RF as framework in a JSF web application. That is fine, tags are recognised when editing the jsp file.

      However, I am getting constant "Illegal state - Duplicate Id" Exceptions when using <rich:columns> tag and not assigning explicit ids. Maybe that is solved, I guess since issue RF 3582 in version 3.2.2.

      But using the latest version 3.3 as an imported library in NB, instead of /with RF framework, leads to compiler errors because rich tags are not recognised.

      I am still a newbie in JSF and RF, so perhaps it is too obvious, but how can I integrate RF 3.3 into Netbeans in order to get rid of "duplicate ids"?

      Thank you in advance.