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    JBoss osgi exposed to wars, jars in deploy dir?

    null null Novice

      When will the osgi container stuff be expose to wars, jars in the deploy directory?  for instance, when will i be able to say


      war1 and war2 both depend on version 2 of xxx.jar

      war1 depends on version1 of yy.jar

      war2 depends on version2 of yy.jar


      I know with osgi this is possible as the classloaders all delegate to the correct bundles, but from what I can see of jboss, the unifiedclassloader is a single classloader so once i do a unified classloader for war1 and war2, I can't have them depend on different versions of yy.jar yet (at least not until the osgi stuff is exposed to the jboss descriptors).