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    Retrieve Portal List

    Andrew Smith Newbie

      I am trying to retrieve the user’s portal list through ajax in one of my portlets.  I can obtain the UserPortalConfigService just fine but when I make a call to getAllPortalNames I am receiving an error because the POMSession is null when it tries to call execute in the ExecutorDispatcher.  When I make this call in a Struts action (or a page refresh) everything works correctly and I am able to retrieve the portal names with ease.  My speculation is that I am making the request outside of the portal and this POMSession is never getting opened.  Is there any way I can open up a session in my code before I make the call to getAllPortalNames?  The reason for not wanting these in a request is that the user can page through the portals easily using javascript/ajax and not have to wait for page reloads to see their options.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.