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    rich:fileupload problem.

    antonio gallo Newbie

      Hello, I have a problem with the fileUpload component.


      I'm using a   three step wizard.


      In the first step page, a rich:fileupload component is used to give the user the possibility of uploading files and show a preview of what has been done.


      In the second step, a new panel shows up with a listshuttle showing the uploaded files and giving the user the chance to select which is the main one and which are the attachments  and order them.


      This panel has back and continue buttons to allow the user to go back or continue invoking a service that performs some work on the files and gives the result in the last panel.


      The problem is that if I press the back button and come back to the first page, The rich:fileupload component shows up empty even if the preview still continues preserving the uploaded files. My backed bean containing the files has a session scope.


      Is there some way to prevent this behaviour and make the fileupload component persist the list of uploaded files that were shown before moving to the next panel containing the listshuttle?


      It seems that refreshing the page deletes the in memory list of files. I see that uploadData referenced variable still has the uploaded elements when I come back to the first page but nothing is dispalyed.


      May someone help me please?