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    JBoss ESB & jBPM ClassLoader question

    Richard Burton Newbie

      How can I have the jBPM engine (jbpm.esb) share a classes used by services and the workflows together? e.g., service1.esb and service2.esb will be pass class instances in and out of jBPM engine


      To provide some background, we're looking to have multiple workflows deployed into jBPM that will reference classes that the ESB services are using as well. The objects will be passed in and out of the workflow.


      A few cases I'm starting to look into are:


      1. Will having the common classes deployed at the server level lib folder resolve this? - This I need to try and see if it works.

      2. Will deploying the common classes as service and have a deployment.xml file for each service work?

      3. Or is the only solution to copy the jar into the jbpm.esb lib folder or embed the classes into the workflows?


      Best Regards,

      Richard L. Burton III