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    Refresh button doesn't work in jbpm4 console application

    sunil tiwari Newbie

      I am running jbpm4.2 console application on was6.1 with derby database .

      it's running fine and i am able to create process instanses and can see

      them in the process definations tab .


      My concern is , if i delete any process from the list shown it didn't get refreshed

      to show only remained process instances , even after clicking refresh button nothing

      happens .


      here if i logout and login again now i can see original list (No deleted row) .


      Even i found if clicked on process definations once it loads data from data base

      and cache it into the browser , in the same session if clicked the same link again and again

      it never goes to data base .Ideally clicking on refresh button does the same thing to hit

      the data base and get the updated data ..



      Any idea why the refresh didn't work .