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    Ajax Reqest [sic] states

    mark lewis Newbie
      In my a4j:log, when I use an a4j:form and subsequent a4j:commandButton, I see this in the ouput

      debug[16:24:54,704]: Reqest state : 1
      debug[16:24:54,717]: Reqest state : 2
      debug[16:24:54,717]: Reqest state : 4
      debug[16:24:54,717]: Reqest end with state 4
      debug[16:24:54,717]: Header Content-Type not found, search in <meta>
      debug[16:24:54,717]: Response  with content-type: null

      1) Can anyone tell me where I can read about these states?
      2) I've obviously got a problem with State 3, and sure enough the page functionality is broken.  Can anyone tell me what common reasons State 3 is missing are?