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    JBoss 5 and ear deployment

    Deepika Mani Newbie



      We are currently migrating from JBoss4.2.2 to JBoss5.0.0, and we have an issue for our application deployment in Jboss5.


      We are using a thrid party tool in our EJB and are packing the EJB and the thrid party libs and conf files into an ear. Until JBoss4.2.2, it works fine since it was unpacking the ear contents to tmp directory and we used to set the third party home directory as the ear-contents directory. This was done by:




      In JBoss5.0.0, the above code gives a different output compared to 4.2.2. It seems that JBoss5 does not unpack the ear. So even if I set the .ear file as the thrid party home, our deployment still fails because the thrid party tool is not able to read its conf files and libs from the unpacked ear. Separating the thrid party files from the ear would not be our preferred way, as of now.


      I'm not sure how to fix this. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


      Thanks for you help.