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    scrollableDataTable header scrolling over Frozen column

    Abhishek N Newbie



      I am using scrollable datatable with 3 frozen columns.

      I have h:selectOneMenu, header label and image icon in the header inside rich:panel


      Though in this code i am using rich:comboBox i want to use h:selectOneMenu. But h:selectOneMenu is scrolling over the frozen column headers.

      Header label and graphicImage are scrolling under the frozen column headers. Only select drop down is scrolling over.


      The following code is in 4th column.


      <f:facet name="header">
                                              <h:outputText value="Dept" style="vertical-align: top; display: table-cell;"/>
                                                      <h:graphicImage id="copyAll_dept" value="/images/copyAll.png" title="copy to all" styleClass="image-with-margin"
                                                          onclick="copyToAllComboAjx(this,'deptValue')" />
                                                  <rich:comboBox id="department_template" disabled="#{pim:isAuthorized(sessionUtilsBean.transManager)}"
                                                      value="#{cmsSkuCreationBean.deptTemplateValue}" enableManualInput="false" >
                                                      <f:selectItems value="#{cmsSkuCreationBean.departmentTemplateValues}">



      However, other compoents like inputText, selectBooleanCheckBox are scrolling under frozen columns. This issue is only with select drop down.

      I am testing in IE 6. Can I get any help here ?