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    request or session scope

    E Aish Novice


      I have a scrollableDataTable on my webpage. On click of a button on the row, I get the value of the selected record at the backing bean. I currently have this bean in "Session" scope. I understand that the request scope is better than session scope as it does not store the values for the entire session. When I changed the scope of the backing bean from "session" to "request" scope, the row selection at the backing bean does not happen. Nothing gets selected.

      I checked the demo on richfaces demo for scrollabledatatable and there the bean is defined in "session" scope. Does that mean that row selection in a scrollableDataTable is possible only with a session scope. Or what
      changes are needed to make the bean in request scope and get this to work

      My backing bean and webpage with scrollabledatatable is coded in the same way as described on richfaces demo. Please let meknow if you want me to post the code and I will do so.