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    Failover with MDBs on the AS

    Clebert Suconic Master

      The recent questions on MDBs and failover on the user's forum made me think about a scenario.



      Say, you have an application server with MDBs and HornetQ. Usually MDBs are connected to the local server, so I could have the MDBs connected locally (using InVM transport through JCA), and have a backup node that could be either replicated or shared storage.



      I could have another application server instance that should be sleeping until the first instance "died". But on that instance I would also have the "MDBs ready to be connected as soon as the instance is activated."



      And the "MDBs ready to be connected as soon as the instance is activated" is currently not possible, as as soon as a MDB connects to the backup, the backup will be activated.



      I believe we should have a feature on JCA where the connections would be in stand by mode until the node is activated.



      Currently it's only possible to perform failover with MDBs if the server is a remote server.