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    CSS files in a gatein portlet

    Michelle Lagimonier Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I have a portlet deployed under GateIn, have registered it, and added a page for it in the default portal that comes with Gatein.  I see some of the portlet page, but it can't render entirely because of this exception I am getting:


      ERROR [portal:ResourceRequestFilter] Could not render css /portal/private/classic/administration/pageManagement/css/default.css
              at org.exoplatform.portal.resource.SkinService.processCSSRecursively(SkinService.java:437)
              at org.exoplatform.portal.resource.SkinService.processCSS(SkinService.java:429)
              at org.exoplatform.portal.resource.SkinService.renderCSS(SkinService.java:345)


      I've looked in the source code, and can see the line the exception is being thown on.  To me, it doesn't look like it can find the CSS file.  In my war file, my CSS file exists under src\resources\mmfportlet-war\WEB-INF\css.  Is there another directory structure it should be under?  I've looked in the reference guide, but I am still not sure.  Thanks!