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    Best way to extend Tasks in 4.3?

    Gregg Freeman Newbie
      I've been looking at this for about a day, and still can't come up with a decent solution.  Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


      I'd like to extend the behavior of the TaskActivity so that the new implementation can:

      1. Notify the task candiates that a new task has been created.

      2. Optionally immediately transition out of the activity without creating tasks (or notifying), based on a boolean process variable.


      The closest I came was a custom user binding in jbpm.user.bindings.xml that would return my Extended Task Activity.  That would work great, except that:

      * The custom tag in the jpdl (<extended-task>) gives validation errors in the xml within the process editor.

      * The boxes no longer show up in the graphical process editor.


      I think I can get the email sent with a custom listener on the task, since it looks like the Start event (and listeners) are exeucted after the activity execute.


      So, I'm still stuck with how to figuring out how to supply an alternate Activity Behavior for the task.  Am I stuck with having to use a custom task and supplying getters and setters for the same configuration data I'd supply on a task activity?


      Has anyone else done anything similar?