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    RichFaces Tree Property 'type' not found for nodeFace.

    Goce Delchev Newbie

      Hallo everybody.
      Before I posted this topic, I tried to find possibly related sollutions on this forum and internet with no success.

      I use richfaces in portlet environment, JBoss Portal 2.7.1 RichFaces 3.3.0GA and JSF 1.2 Facelets and Spring 2.5 and have succesfully rendered default tree.

      I wanted to customize my nodes with custom icons,so I looked for example http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/tree.jsf?tab=usage&cid=2364871

      If I hard code my nodeFace in the tree, I have no problem.

      I thought I add my nodeFace dinamically so I extended the TreeNodeImp and added new property type with it's Getter and Setter methods.

      public class CustomNodeType extends TreeNodeImpl{
       private String type;
       public CustomNodeType (){
       public void setType(String type) {
       this.type = type;
       public String getType() {
       return type;

      During the loading of the tree, I set the type of each node, dependent of my Data Object type I have to load on in the tree.

      In the xhtml I have the tree something like this:

      <rich:tree nodeSelectListener="#{treeProvider.selectNode}" reRender="selectedNode" ajaxSubmitSelection="true"
      switchType="ajax" treeNodeVar="treeNode" value="#{searchTreeProvider.rootNode}"
      var="item" ajaxKeys="#{null}"
      <rich:treeNode id="id1" type="type1" iconLeaf="icon1.png"
      <h:outputText id="idd1" value="#{item}" />
       <rich:treeNode id="id2"
       type="type2" iconLeaf="icon2.png" icon="icon2.png">
      <h:outputText id="idd2" value="#{item}" />

      When running the App, the tree is rendered with it's first level nodes but with the default tree icons comming with RichFaces and when I click the node to expand, I get the following exception:

      javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: /portlet/view.xhtml @78,35 nodeFace="#{item.type}": Property 'type' not found on type org.richfaces.model.TreeNodeImpl

      as a root cause.

      I read in one other forum a suggestion that one should use rather the var="item" property the treeNodeVar="item" property of the tree component.

      I did it and it resulted with the same exception.

      I will appreciate any suggestion or redirection to another thread with similar problem.

      Thanx in advance