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    JBoss Cloud infrastructure

    Gerhard Balthasar Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      havn't been here a while, nice new forums/wiki! Hope this is the right place to post then...


      Okay, we're at JBoss 4.2 and EJB 3 with mulitple JEE5 applications at the moment and we are planning to create a real production environment. After looking around and thinking I came up with the following solution in mind:




      Description from bottom to top


      - Internetrequests coming to a firewall/router/gateway
          - Splits between www.domain.com and *.domain.com/*
          - www.domain.com forwards to company homepage
      - All other requests go to the front-end appliance


      - The front-end load-balances/rewrites requests (fixed sessions) based upon subdomain
          - variant: by suffix, e.g. applications.domain.com/one
      - For one.domain.com one of the back-end appliances is choosen to process request
          - At any time a new instance per application should be instantiatable without interruption
          - Works similar for two.domain.com and three.domain.com
      - At any time a new application can be added along with its subdomain for the front-end
          - No interruption of service for any already running applications


      - All back-ends write to one master database
          - The master database replicates to one slave per application
          - Each application has its own tables
      - All back-ends read only from the slave databases
          - In case of master db failure, a slave can step in
          - In case of slave db failure, another slave can step in
      - When a new application is deployed, a new slave databases can be added
          - Comes with new table at the master database
          - No interruption of service




          - Scales in any direction
          - Fast response to errors
          - Easy managable/monitorable
          - Simple backup strategy


      So, does it make sense at all? If no, what is wrong and if yes, how can I accomplish this setup?


      I'd like to go to JDK 6, JBoss 6 and EJB3 on the technology site, MySQL for database.


      Thanks for you're time and answers,


      Gerhard Balthasar


      Added picture as attachment... Didn't look good in the thread...

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          Gerhard Balthasar Newbie

          Does noone know an answer? Is this the wrong forum/subforum? Where must I ask my questions?


          Thank you,

          Gerhard Balthasar

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            Gerhard Balthasar Newbie

            Another week without any answers.


            Would anyone please be so kind and point me to the right forum or direction for getting my questions answered? It's not like I want to build anything myself, payed support is highly likly option. But if JBoss/RedHat does not want our companys money, I need to get somone who does...



            Gerhard Balthasar

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              Gerhard Balthasar Newbie

              Thank you for posting a sales link, but that does not answer my questions. I want to evaluate techniques and I need answer if this scenario


              a) makes sense at all

              b) could be done with JBoss Cloud


              before conatcting sales department.


              Thanks anyway

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                Zachary Yadamec Newbie

                I have also noticed that this section of the forum is not that active, and I might not have the most in depth knowledge, but i will try and help you.




                Just taking a look at this I don't think you can add nodes/applications dynamically unless you are working with jboss 5.x and mod_cluster.  I could be wrong, but I could not find a way in our jboss 4.x environment and mod_jk for clustering.  I am able to add additional nodes/apps with minimal down time, but I do have to have a small interruption to expand.


                What I have resorted to is adding extra additional nodes in the configs, and using a DNS C name for each of the nodes.  If I am going to need an additional node1 assign the C name to a server with the next node on it and then start the node.  It then joins the cluster seamlessly.  As of right now this is only in dev but should be working its way to prod.  What we are attempting to do is script the growing and shrinking of the cluster based on load and automating the process.


                I am not sure how you would do this for additional apps.  One option might be multiple apache installs 1 per app, then having a load balancer in front of everything doing the routing by subdomain.  Maybe something like mod_rewrite.  Although I don't know if that will be dynamic and allow you to add apps on the fly, and it will be adding an extra layer of latency.


                I hope this helped a little.  I have only been working with apache/jboss load balancing for about a year, and what I do might not be best practice, but I dont have a mentor to anyone above me to tell me different.  I was just kinda thrown into the role because if my "wonderful" weblogic clusters with 100% up time.  And according to my bosses all clustering is the same.....