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    use visualvm to monitoring the jboss jave process, seems not working

    Jane Luo Newbie

      This is my first time logged on to this site, I need some one who has this kind of experience to help me to set up visaulvm to monitoring jboss jave process ...

      I was using visualvm to monitoring the weblogic java process, never had problem.

      Currently we are introducing the new project that using jboss as application server. To monitoring the server performance, I tried to using visualvm as a mentoring tool.

      My java version is jdk/linux/jdk160_14-x64. (with Linux as OS)

      The jboss version is jboss/5.1.0_tempPatch

      My visualvm version is 1.2.1.

      I have jstatd is up on the server.

      After I start visualvm GUI interface, doesn’t seems able to detect the java process on the server remotely. Do you have any idea about it?

      Thanks and regards,\