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    cache + replication between different POJO entities

    Yan Falken Newbie


      I have a question regarding to the replication between two caches. Is it possible to replicate POJO's on field level AND also on the entity level?

      My problem is that I'd like to have two caches. First cache will contain objects of entities the second will contain external entities The entities and external entities have common data and I need selectively instruct the replication mechanism to merge and replicate specific fields from external entities into entities. Note that entity and external entity are to separate objects with no class relation. Is it possible to use JB POJO Cache for this purpose - if not - do you know about some mechanism (framework / library) that is capable of doing this?




      class Blah {

      int f1;

      String f2;

      String f3;


      class ExtBlah {

      int e1;

      String e2;


      I need to replicate data from ExtBlah.e1 -> Blah.f1, ExtBlah.e2 -> Blah.f2