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    jBPM[4.3] Task form implemtation without using jBPM console

    Jas Lam Newbie

      In the developer guide example of Task Form using BPMN



      or jPDL



      show how to code the view ends, and construct the work flow. It assume that we must use its jBPM console to drive the task form work flow.

      From viewing to handling the form submission and transition.


      What if i would like to have my own driver to manage this workflow? are there documentation or guidance on how the Java ends was implemented.

      1) Once the "approve" or "deny" button is pressed, how is the process variable get set so it take the correct transition?

      2) The "view" button on the task, how does that get processed? so that the correct form is rendered?


      I am not if even sure if those are the right questions to ask. But I am just not seeing the whole picture of this Task Form capability, where the underlaying java implementation is hidden.