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    MTOM with top-down web service?

    Martin Sarabura Newbie

      I have a top-down web service (generate java interface from the wsdl) for which I want to use MTOM.

      I use jboss wsconsume to create the interface and then I compile my implementation against it.

      But when I deploy the .war file to JBoss 5.1 GA and request the wsdl at http://localhost:<port>/<relativeurl>?wsdl it does not contain any declarations related to MTOM. My understanding is that it should contain a policy declaration and a binding, like in this posting: http://forums.java.net/jive/message.jspa?messageID=363499

      but I see nothing in the wsdl. And when I point soapUI at the interface it does not create a multi-part message - the attachment is sent inline with the message.


      I tried adding the mtom policy/binding to my original wsdl.

      I tried adding

      @javax.xml.ws.BindingType(value = "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/soap/http?mtom=true")
      to the header of my implementation and interface classes.

      I even tried adding an EndpointConfig directive to the header of my implementation.


      Nothing seems to work.


      Any recommendations?