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    a4j:mediaOutput showing an applet

    Paulo Ricardo Fernandes Newbie

      Hi you guys,


      I'm beginner to jsf and richfaces world and i'm trying to use a4j:mediaOutput to show an applet. Although the documentation says it is possible doing that i can't get any help related to this and i found questions posted from other guys trying to acomplish this with no answers.


      I've studied the a4j:mediaOutput documentation and how it works, but i couldn't understand exactly what some of those tags represents. As i'm under pressure I dont't have time to research the entire richfaces source code (the project is very large) and all the concepts related to this framework.


      So here goes my questions:

      1. Is it really possible doing that?

      2. If so, does anybody have an example code or a documentation reference that explains this component better?


      Thanks a lot for your help,

      Paulo Ricardo Fernandes