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    How to disable modalPanel from moving??

    Peter Len Apprentice



      I have a modalPanel which initially has an attribute "moveable=true" (the default).  Depending on what the user does, I would like to dynamically make the modalPanel non-moveable.  I cannot seem to find how to access the modalPanel's moveable property in order to change it, however.  The change from moveable to non-moveable will not occur at a time when an EL expression can be used to define the the "moveable" attribute's value.  I need to be able to access it via Javascript through something like document.getElementById("my_panel").style.moveable.


      Does anyone know how I might be able to do this?


      Thanks - Peter

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          Harut Sargsyan Apprentice



          No idea about doing it via javascript.

          Try to set "movable" value to any Bean class boolean property



          When user provide any action (after which you mentioned that modalPanel must become none movable or movable), change movable property of modalPanelBean to true/false in corresponding Action/ActionListener method, and do "reRender" mentioned modalPanel. I think this should work.