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    jgroups configuration in cachebenchfwk

    Lin Ye Expert

      I tried to run the cachebenchfwk to collect data on infinispan. When I used the jgroups-udp.xml under plugins/infinispan/conf/jgroups (that's the default configuration under the infinispan4 plugin), the nodes failed to form a cluster. After I commented the following lines in configuration to make it use the default udp.xml in jgroups jar, it works fine.

                  <property name="configurationFile" value="jgroups/jgroups-udp.xml"/>

      Could you please suggest what went wrong when I used the jgroups-udp.xml coming with cachebenchfwk? And if I use the default configuration file in jgroups jar, what will be the difference in the data collected?


      Thanks in advance.