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    displaying rich:menuGroup not attached to the parent text

    odelya yomtov Novice


      I create the following code to run menuitem:
      (it's only a sample of the whole menu)

      but when clicking on a menutitem in menugroup do not display the value right down to the menu item! totally in a random place.

      please see a sample image.

      <rich:dropDownMenu direction="bottom-right" >


      <f:facet name="label">




      <h:outputText value="US Sales" />






      <rich:menuGroup value="File Trasfer" direction="right-down" >


      <rich:menuItem submitMode="none" value="Upload Job"


      disabled="#{menuBean.usuploadJob}" action="#{ddmenu.doSaveAll}">




      <rich:menuItem submitMode="none" value="Download Job"


      disabled="#{menuBean.usdownloadJob}" action="#{ddmenu.doSaveAll}">






      <rich:menuItem submitMode="ajax" value="Configuration"


      disabled="#{menuBean.usConfiguration}" action="#{ddmenu.doSaveAll}">