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    ServiceInvoker deliverSync too slow...

    Steam s Newbie

      Hi All,

               I'm getting a very slow response from the method "deliverSync" of ServiceInvoker class. When I call the service directly (through JMeter) and not through JbossESB (i.e. not as an esb service) then the response time is very good.


      Can someone please suggestion what could be the reason for this? Do i need to tune my JBoss or is there some other esb based configuration that requires changing?


      Actually, the slow response problem comes when I concurrently open 10 threads, but calling the service directly via JMeter, everything works fine. it is not the external application the reason for the delay as my message tracng shows that the main bottleneck is created sometimes before the deliverSync method is called and sometimes after calling it.



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          Tom Fennelly Master

          Something you can check:

          1. Make sure you are caching and reusing the ServiceInvoker instance.
          2. The message-aware service listener in question has enough threads e.g. in your case try 10.  Use the "maxThreads" to configure this.


          BTW... this type of question would normally be asked on the User Forum.  The dev forum is intended for discussions relating to the devleopment of JBoss ESB itself.

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            Steam s Newbie

            Hi Tom,

                       Thanks for your answer and apologies for my posting at the wrong place. I have created the same thread under General discussion now.


            - Could you please elaborate on your point 1, that is how to do the caching?

            - I'm already using "jms-listener" with max-thread=20.


            You can reply under discussion area.