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    dynamically update extendedDataTable

    Nikola Racic Newbie

      Hi all,


      We have request to implement page with one table which has 8 columns. Data from 7 colums should be fetched from database (database columns), and data from one column should be fetched from web service call (web service column). We are using richfaces extendedDataTable with pagination.


      How can we dinamically update the web service column? We want to show whole web page with table (and with database data) to user, and dinamically (behind the scene) call web service and updating data for web service column (in the meanwhile, we will show waiting icon for all rows that are waiting for web service's response), but only for those rows which are currently in the selected page (dataTable's page). So when user select for example page 2 of dataTable, only than we will call web service for each row on that page.


      Someone has idea?