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    Communications between two Backing beans while using Modal p

    gift sam Newbie

      Hi all,
      Currently I am working in an application which contains two pages. For eg page1.jsp and and page2.jsp which contains separate backing beans and JSP pages.Here I have included page2.jsp with page1.jsp using jsp:include which will be shown in a rich:modalpanel.This rich model panel will be rendered only when a button is clicked, say choose button.

      // page1 jsp codes written using JSF
      <<rich:modalPanel id="lPanelId" autosized="true" top="20px" left="90px" moveable="true" styleClass="rich-modalpanel rich-mpnl_panel">
      <jsp:include page="/page2.jsp"/> // Include page2.jsp using a modal panel

      I have used two seperate forms for each page.Though I have used jsp:include the forms of two pages(page1 and page2) are submitted when clicked the link of page1. So If I change anything in page1 for example if I selected a check box and when I clicked the choose button in page 1 inorder to include page2.jsp in a modal panel. If the same check box takes place in Page2.jsp means it should also be selected but I cant able to communicate between the two backing beans.because the page1 and page2 constructors are called when the page 1 is loaded. I should get the impact of the page1 changings when the page2 is opened in modalpanel with no button actions. So I cannot communicate between page1 and page2 after the choose button action.

      Please anyone out there give me some valuable inputs on this regardings.
      Thanks in Advance