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    SHRINKWRAP-112: Unified Importer API

    Andrew Rubinger Master



      The idea here is to build a unified view which delegates into our existing importer types.  There's a discussion on the JIRA already (from when forums were down over Christmas break).


      My only request is that the API's semantics are well-defined in JavaDoc and tested w/ unit tests.  For instance, "from(String)" should be clear about what it will attempt to do when given:


      • A relative path to a resource
      • A relative path to a directory
      • An absolute path to a resource
      • An absolute path to a directory
      • A URL pointing to a local ("ie. file://") resource
      • A URL pointing to a remote ("ie. http://") resource
      • A URL pointing to a directory


      Here we walk the line between predictive and opinionated software.


      This is another one not too technically difficult but requires good design, thought and docs.  Perhaps Jeremy Norris can help us out?


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