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    Problems with the nodeFace-attribute and the var-attribute i

    Andreas Larsson Newbie

      When using the specified var-attribute as parameter to the nodeFace-attribute (as the examples in the live demo do) I get the following error:

      "ELResolver cannot handle a null base Object with identifier 'item'"

      <rich:tree switchType="client" value="#{pathwayBean.pathwayTree}" var="item" treeNodeVar="treeNode" nodeFace="#{item.type}">

      I even tried the samples from http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/richfaces/trunk/samples/tree-demo/

      I also tried using the latest snapshot of RichFaces (3.3.1-SNAPSHOT).

      I actually don't find the error so surprising since the var-attribute simply can't be defined when the EL-resolver kicks-in at the nodeFace-attribute. Problem is, all examples do this and none work so how is it supposed to work?

      Could it be some version problem not related to RichFaces itself?