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    Using Timers in JBPM 4.3

    T T Newbie

      I am trying to implement Timers in JBPM4.3 :


        <state g="175,142,195,69" name="check status">
             <on event="take">
            <timer duedate="10 days" repeat="5 seconds"/>
                <event-listener class="com.handler.TestHandler1"/>      
              <on event="start">              
                <event-listener class="com.handler.TestHandler2">      
            <transition g="-42,-18" name="to end1" to="end1"/>


      I want to call the TestHandler1 every 5 seconds to check for a status change in our application and based on teh status, the next step in the workflow need to happen. But I realize that we explicitly have to signal the node or get the job id and call executeJob. Am I doing somthg wrong.