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    Editor utf-8

    Marianne Wiese Newbie

      Hello everyone

      I have a problem with encoding I guess. Using the Editor in Richfaces 3.3.0 as a input control, saving formatted text in a databas in a Seam project.

      I use the danish character set, and all other richfaces controls work fine since the project is set up with utf-8 encoding.

      However, the editor saves for example "AE" as &Aelig and so on, and I can't find the correct way to set encoding for the editor.

      I have tried this
      <s:decorate id="answerField" template="layout/edit.xhtml">
      <ui:define name="label">Svar</ui:define>
      <f:param name="encoding" value="utf-8" />

      The tinyMCE documentation is not clear to me.
      Any suggestions will be appriciated.