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    Actions for richmenus

    Harshal Nagpure Newbie

      Hi All

         i am creating the menus in RichFaces dynamically from the backing bean method, as the menu is dynamic and fetched form the database.

      I am able to load the menus correctly and render them also.

           But now i want to assign some action to the menu or may be same action to all of them (may be i can get the value of which menu that is clicked and call the specified action). So i am in puzzle that, how could i create a action for these menus from my backbean code?

      i can see that the MenuItem class has the addActionListerner() method, but do i need to create a actionLIstener or anything else? Or what else could be done


      it would be really great if you can post your comment. Thanks in advacne.

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master
              MethodExpression me = expFactory.createMethodExpression(
                      elContext, "#{seasonal.hyperlink_action}", String.class, 
                      new Class[]{});

          something like this should be used.


          Actually it's nothing special there. Creation of RF components dynamically fully equals to just JSF components creation.