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    Getting JBoss Classes and Methods information

    Satya Komaragiri Newbie

      If an application runs on JBoss, can one know what all JBoss classes/methods/APIs is that application using?


      It needn't be JBoss specific, even a general feature that enables one to know what all APIs (say what classes from java.lang.*) are being used and better still if one could go down to the method level.  Would it be possible to add such a feature in Tattletale?


      I would be happy to add the feature if I can get some pointers on how to go about doing this.

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          Jesper Pedersen Master

          Right now you can use the "Black listed" report to define which API usage that should be flagged.


          But it sounds like you are looking for an "Usage" report, which shows dependencies between classes in greater detail. Maybe the "Graphical Dependencies" report for packages is the one that is the closest today.


          If none of the reports today is what you are looking for I would create a new report that includes the information you need. Class level dependencies are recorded today -- method level dependencies is a new feature.


          The developer guide will get you started with the environment and you should look at the




          report as an example.


          The core of Tattletale is located in




          where especially the




          method will give you the dependencies for each class in the archive.


          I would start out with that - and once you have looked it over, feel free to post follow-up questions.