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    Multiple Subprocess - jBPM 3.3.1

    Luca Zammarchi Newbie

      Hi All,

      I need to create a process that polling a database table and then creates one subprocess instance for each records in the database table.


      I use the Process-State with a "loop" node that return to the Process-State node for each records. This solution works, but each sub process was running sequentially.


      Anyone have any ideas how I can create multiple subprocess that running in the same time?


      I just try to use a fork with four Process-State node..but every process running sequentially.


      Thanks for any suggestion.


      Best Regards.


      Luca Zammarchi

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          Luca Zammarchi Newbie


          I implemented a solution that has the same result:


          - I created some "process instances" from one process definition

          - then I created an ExecuteNodeJob for each process instance and I sent it to the MessageService.

          - In ArrayList I was putting all process instance ids

          - With a timer I was checking all process and wait for all processes.


          Below the function I use to create the process:

          public long createSubProcess(ExecutionContext executionContext,
                         String processName,HashMap variabili,boolean signalToken ){
                          //Create process instance
                    ProcessInstance subProcessInstance = executionContext.getJbpmContext().newProcessInstance(processName);
                          //Setting any variable 
                          Iterator iterator = variabili.keySet().iterator();
                         String key=(String)iterator.next();
                         contextInstance.setVariable(key, variabili.get(key));
                    Token token=subProcessInstance.getRootToken();
                          //Signal the token of the process if needed
                          //Create the job
                    ExecuteNodeJob job = new ExecuteNodeJob(token);
                    Calendar dataCorrente = Calendar.getInstance();
                    dataCorrente.add(Calendar.MINUTE, 1);
                          //Send the job to the message service
                    MessageService messageService = (MessageService)Services.getCurrentService("message");
                          //Return the process instance id to the main program
                    return subProcessInstance.getId();


          I am testing this solution.


          Has anyone a better idea?



          I think this is a ploy help me to have multiple processes that running asynchronously.


          Best regards.


          Luca Zammarchi