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    Description tag not parsed for activities?

    Sofie Ravyts Newbie

      As a workaround to http://community.jboss.org/message/518323#518323 we are using the description tag to store the name of an activity for use in the UI.

      For tasks this works very well. The task "description" property is read from the jpdl when parsing the task definitions.

      But for our custom activities, there doesn't seem to be a description after parsing.

      When I looked at the code (JpdlParser.java line 308),


              Element descriptionElement = XmlUtil.element(documentElement, "description");
              if (descriptionElement!=null) {
                String description = XmlUtil.getContentText(descriptionElement);


      I noticed the documentElement description tag is parsed instead of the nestedElement description tag.

      Could it be that documentElement needs to be replaced with nestedElement in this part of code or am I seeing it completely wrong?