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    Richfaces 4 ready for prototyping applications?

    Hamish Anderson Newbie

      I am starting design on a long term project with the go-ahead to use JSF 2 and Richfaces based on testing Richfaces 3.2.


      I am looking at the Richfaces 4 alpha1 and see that only



      are listed as available.  Is it possible to use other Richfaces components or do I have to wait for later releases?  Are there any proposed dates for later releases.


      My thinking is that Richfaces 4 will not be ready for even prototyping let alone development for at least 6 months.




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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          Hello Hamish!


          Saw your letter, but really it's not a good idea to send personal letters to team because I we my best to answer them also but

          • If the letters contains usage questions - I just points the guys to forum in order answers to be came public
          • In general letters could be postponed to be answered later if has no time and then them have a chance to be lost as support by mail is no priority at all because of numerous letters


          About the question - other RF components will be moved according to http://community.jboss.org/wiki/RichFaces40ALPHA2ReleasePlan (prioritized list of components linked at this page)


          And A2 will contains only full set of a4j:tags and iteration components.


          Then the other rich:components will be planned to Beta's.


          We do our best updating 4.x planning pages at wiki to include some possible dates. So please review them.


          So if your project started right now - it seems like it's early to try it out. But if you just prototyping you could include the components as far as them released in future.