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    Address Setting issue on deployement packages

    Clebert Suconic Master

      When we get integrated on the application server, users will be able to deploy destinations, security settings, and destination settings with their packages.



      To explain what I think is an issue, let me user an example:


      Developer A created a project, containing a bunch of stuff and:

      - JMS Destination Orders

      - Address Setting on /jms/Orders, setting page-size to 10 MiB



      Developer B copied that project (to his initial version) and will package a bunch of stuff and:

      -JMS Destination ManufacturingOrder

      - Address Setting on /jms/Orders, setting page-size to 100 Kib (The user forgot to edit the name here)



      As a result you have two distinct applications on the same application server,

      however the setting on B will affect the setting on A.


      In the end the user will be complaining about an eventual bug that will only happen in production. Unless he's able to look at the other application it will be kind of hard to discover what's going on.



      And that's the reason I don't like how address-settings would be deployed on the user's jars.



      I'm ok with the address-settings in a centralized place. Thinking as an user I actually like it, as it's easy to look at it and debug configuration issues.


      But letting independent application affecting each other settings is an issue IMO and it might be hard to identify issues on large instalations when lots of application developers start to step on each other's feet.