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    [JBoss 6.0.0 M1 / JSF 2] Is unified EL (JSR 245) implemented ?

    Celinio Fernandes Novice
      Does anyone know if the new specification of the Unified EL, which is defined in Part II of the JSR 245: JavaServer Pages 2.1
      is implemented already and available in JBoss 6 M1 ?

      I tried one of the new features of that expression language in JSF 2, it is not working.

      I am trying to pass arguments in a method inside an EL expression, in a facelet (XHTML).

      Just like it is described here :

      It fails to parse it though :
      javax.servlet.ServletException: /magasin/recherche.xhtml @46,116 action="#{rechercheJSFBean.rechercheArtParCatalogue('3')}" Error Parsing: #{rechercheJSFBean.rechercheArtParCatalogue('3')}

      I tried with and without the single quotes : (3) instead of ('3'), same error.

      Is this feature working yet ?
      Thanks for helping.

      Thanks for helping.