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    createing dynamic,tree based dropDownMenu

    Piotr Sobczyk Newbie

      I need to create dropDownMenu that behaves similarly to tree. I displays some elements in menu groups and user can display children elements after entering mouse on that group. Children elements are also menu groups that has children elements etc. I thought I could do It be recursively including facelets templates containing menu groups with end condition (chilren empty -> render="false"). However it's not like facelets work and I end up with overflow error.


      If dropDownMenus had something like recursiveTreeNodesAdaptor, this task would be a breeze. However there is no such thing. I thought about creating this menu programatically from Java  - in such way there would be no problems with recursion. But I only know how to render simple html elements programatically (facelets custom components) but don't know how to render RichFaces components from Java.


      Any hints how to do it from Java or other ways to do recursive dropdown menu? Thanks in advance.