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    Data-(Document)flow, elemental questions

    Philipp Kanis Newbie

      Hallo everybody,

      my name is Philipp Kanis and I study at the university Trier Germany. For my diploma thesis i need some informations about jBPM / JBoss.I dont know whether this is here the right place for my questions. So i hope anyone can help me.

      What i want to know is about the modelling of process respectively workflows in jBPM.

      Does the modelling part of JBPM support a data- or documentflow? I mean, can i integrate documents (.pdf, .doc…) in a workflow respectively in a workflowtask?

      If the answer is yes, there are following questions i want to ask:

      Which documenttypes are supported to integrate into a workflow?        

      Is it possible to upload documents in a main storage like a repository?

      Are there access authorisations  for these documents?

      Is it possible to manage the metadata form these documents?

      How is the visual presentation of these documents in a workflow? A seperate flow or just like a small add-on to a workflowtask?

      I hope my english is not so bad and anybody can help me.

      Sincerely, Philipp